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Zoom Prayer Sessions

We are introducing our Zoom prayer-line call-in service to you on December 3.  Every evening at 7 pm you are invited to call using one of the phone lines below.  When prompted, enter the meeting ID listed below.  OR you may also click on the hyperlink below which will take you to the meeting conversation, hosted by Pastor Ben Shurtliff.  

Please note that you DO NOT NEED TO HAVE ZOOM on your device to participate.  This is also only audio, so you will not be on camera!  We hope (and pray) you can join in at least sometime during the call.  For example, if you cannot be on at 7, phone in any time before 7:45 and Pastor Ben will see you in the “waiting room” and let you on the call. 

To Join Zoom Meeting click here:

OR call:  



Meeting ID: 913 8016 0609#

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